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Rosevibr Intelligent Telescopic Exercise Male Masturbation Cup 2.0

Rosevibr Intelligent Telescopic Exercise Male Masturbation Cup 2.0

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Item Name: Pearlsvibe Men Masturbation Cup

It gives all kinds of hallucinations of excitement and a natural skin feel which is comfortable and very flexible. The masturbation doll cup will enhance your inner stimulation for maximum pleasure because of its ergonomic internal structure design.
What this product can offer you is that it features portable owing to its compact size and lightweight body. Masturbation cups are safe waterproof and suitable as men's sexual tools.
It is made of APE and silicone material.
The length of this product is 20.6cm the width is 9.4cm and the height is 8.4cm.
You can use some lubricant to maximize sex pleasure.

Please note: Only the transparent silicone inside of this product is waterproof the body itself is not waterproof please do not immerse the entire body in water! ! !

Material: Silicone
Noise: Less Than 60 dB
Charging Method: USB Interface
Input: 5V---0.8A
Charging Capacity: 1200mAh
Charging Time: 130 min~150 min
Features: Safe Mini Universal
Size Details:
20.6cm x 9.4cm x 8.4cm/8.11 x 3.7 x 3.31 (Approx.)


Charging time:120 minutes

Useing time:180 minutes



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