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Pre-saleMurphy-APP/Controller & 9-Telescopic / Vibration & Penis Ring Locking Prostate Massager

Pre-saleMurphy-APP/Controller & 9-Telescopic / Vibration & Penis Ring Locking Prostate Massager

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1��Impact P point: 9-vibration/9-stretch & lock sperm ring continue to impact the prostate increase delay.

2��APP control��

��1��music mode��massager will vibrate with the rhythm and amplitude of the mobile phone;

��2��Interactive mode��messages voice pictures real-time video break the distance.

3��Stimulate the rectum: the ring of the central axis slide up and down rub the rectum extra crisp pleasure.

4��Protect the sphincter: extremely thin waist bottom to prevent the anus from enlarged.

5��Penile ring bump:with the vibration stimulation of the penile nerve the pleasure is doubled.

6��quality assurance:low noise remote control waterproof rechargeable bring you more possibilities.


Hey bro! Ever tried a prostatic orgasm?Give it a bold try Dex will be a great sex buddy.

He has 9 levels of expansion and vibration for you to switch at will and the penis ring with gear bumps will also vibrate at the same time so that you can be congested and enlarged while the P point is constantly impacted and the orgasm is repeated and the penis can be congested and enlarged and it will not be weak for a long time! It is now when the bumps continue to stimulate the nerves of the penis coupled with the rapid friction of your hands it will definitely make you ascend to the double orgasm of the prostate and the penis!

If your lover is far away but you're hungry and thirsty Murphy can help you out.

Open the mobile APP click on the icon of the lover the system will initiate an interactive invitation music text pictures voice can be chatted at will and finally of course it is indispensable to open the video and he envisions the scene of making love together kissing caressing twitching moaning and finally harvesting pleasure together to reach the climax!


Size:4.6* 6 in

Insertable Length: 5.1 in

Function: 9thrusting & 9 vibrations & APP


Material: ABS+silicone


Prostate massagerx1




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