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Male waterproof manual masturbator —— realistic inner wall

Male waterproof manual masturbator —— realistic inner wall

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Featuring a length of 6.61 inches that can be accessed it is suitable for most penis owners. You will not be troubled by size inconsistencies. And compared with similar products it has advantages both on the outside and inside. First of all in appearance the shape that resembles a flashlight is very confusing. It looks like a cup instead of a sex toy which helps you to a large extent to avoid embarrassment when your privacy is leaked. In addition the column is also designed with a spiral on both sides you are allowed to keep your hand firmly on it without a frustrating drop during orgasm. Speaking of internal structure it is superior to similar products in the compactness provided by the internal passage. In other words you will feel a snugger fit around your dick. And the extremely rich inner wall texture will impress you. After the carnival please remove the sleeve from the ABS shell for adequate cleaning. The inner lining is made of super soft and elastic TPE so disassembly will be easy.

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