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Intelligent Telescopic Exercise Male Masturbation Cup

Intelligent Telescopic Exercise Male Masturbation Cup

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Open-Ended Design Allows Hand Jobs and Oral Sex for Solo or Shared Play- The open-ended design makes it highly versatile enough to use in different ways. Focusing completely on the head, you can give your head intense pleasure as the sleeve really works the nerve endings all around the head. You can also use it as a shaft masturbator. And the head of the penis can protrude out the other end allowing for oral stimulation by your partner.

Detachable Lids at Both Ends for Versatile Pleasure- This male masturbators has a lid at both ends. Keep one lid shut for shallow stimulation, then release to replicate the effects of a deep plunge. If you remove both of the lids, you will be able to insert yourself fully. This is the best way to use if you prefer long strokes and deeper penetration. If you leave the other lid on when you insert yourself, you will be creating a vacuum which will have a completely different and tighter feeling.

100% Discreet Packing - unmarked packaging, without leaving any sensitive words.


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