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Heat Up The Hot Oral Sex Cup Airplane Cup

Heat Up The Hot Oral Sex Cup Airplane Cup

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This product 6 frequency vibration, intelligent heating, each use can let you reach the climax

Small and convenient, waterproof and easy to clean, the depth of up to 75MM.

USB charging environmental protection, easy to carry. It can be used for more than 1.5 hours after each full charge.

Safe and high quality material using high quality silicone material, designed for men and women to provide unparalleled experience.

Long press the open button for 2 seconds to start, then press down to adjust vibration, a total of 10 frequencies, and then press down for 2 seconds to stop.

Each charge time is 60 minutes, charging indicator is always on, the indicator is off after full charge. Each charge can work continuously for 40-60 minutes. When the power is low, please plug in the power supply and fully charge before continuing to use (do not use while charging)
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