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Electric masturbation cup for men —— 150 degrees rotation

Electric masturbation cup for men —— 150 degrees rotation

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Lovelyhoneytoy's research shows that deep sucking is the most pleasurable way of stimulation for male users. Optimized for user experience Its negative pressure air pump can drive the contraction and release of gas allows the sleeve to simulate the changes of real woman's channel can bring 3 different and real sucking pleasures. Its inner sleeve is rich in stimulus bouncy and soft teases your members with sucking functions. It is softer than the mouth more memorable than the body! When it sucks you can put the vibration on. 10 frequencies that caress your sensitive areas from deep giving you a toe-curling thrill. When you're about to come just press and hold the boost button and it will take you to sensual paradise!! Give it a try you will explode so hard!

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